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Collection level, also known as Soap level, is one of the four level types in Scrubby Dubby Saga. This level type's icon is orange button with three different shaped white soaps. Collection levels first appear in Soaphara Desert, the first episode, and the first collection level is level 1.

See the full list of collection levels here.


To pass collection levels, the player has to collect a certain amount of soaps within a certain number of moves.

Collecting a soap really means destroying it in any way possible. Screw bomb with the targeting colour and soaps that have been made into screws by screw bomb do not count.


Collection levels are considered the easiest level type. In later levels, however, they are getting harder.

Usually collections that consist of gathering a small amount of soaps of some colour are easy. In later levels you will have less moves and the goals will be higher. You can only collect soaps that are on the board which makes removing blockers an essential way of play. The use of bottles is more effective than making single matches. On the last moves you should focus on the demanded colors. Cascading is the main strategy when it comes to collect many soaps.


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