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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but got removed.

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Ice block 1

One-layered ice block, also known as one-layered ice cube or one-layered ice, was one of the blockers in Scrubby Dubby Saga. This blocker is fairly easy to destroy, and would usually hold layers of ice block in it. These were introduced in level 3.


This blocker is no longer available as this blocker got replaced to one-layered screw.


One-layered ice blocks are stationary blockers that occupies only one space. These blockers can be destroyed by an adjacent match or a bottles' effects that touches it. Foam can hide under the ice block.

Difficulty of clearing:

Degrade/Name Difficulty
One-layered Ice Block Easy


Level 6 1st

Unofficial version of level 6, former one-layered icing design

  • This blocker has different design on unofficial version.

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