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Score (or Points) is the fundamental element in Scrubby Dubby Saga. It is a stat that is calculated during and after a level. Score will vary every time you complete a level, and every level has a score requirement to earn two or three stars.

Many people tend to get the score requirement but fail to complete the tasks. However, the player doesn't have to gain a certain amount of points to earn one star, as the score requirement for one star is always 100 points, while making a match will gave the player 150 points. Hence, the player will always earn one star after making any moves.

Stars are obtained based on the score the player has at the end of the level. One is the minimum and is mandatory to pass the level, while three is the maximum.

Elements' attributed pointsEdit

Element Description Points Picture
Regular match Count the total cascades in one move, and multiply it with a value depending on how many candies are used in this match. The value is 150 for a 3-match, 200 for a 4-match, 250 for a 5-match, and may be even higher. 150, 200, 250 and more (Increases of 30 points per cascade)
Foam (Foam icon) (per foam tile involved in matching) 1,000