Please read those rules before contributing. These rules are important. Follow to these rules throughout the entire wiki to avoid being blocked. These rules apply everywhere. Comments, articles, blogs, forums, profile pages, sandboxes, templates, and any other editable space.

  1. No swearing
    • No profanities are allowed.
    • Censoring only one letter from a profanity is NOT allowed.
    • Only up to one letter uncensored is allowed.
  2. No racism or insulting others
    • No insulting a certain race, country, native or sexual orientation.
    • No racist or offensive language.
  3. No vandalism or adding false information
    • No inserting false information into articles.
    • No blanking out pages or removing contents.
    • No changing other user's profile pages or sandboxes without their permission.
    • No spam edits.
    • No creating spam pages.
    • No moving pages into offensive name.
    • Breaking this rule can result a permanent block.
  4. No inappropriate contents
    • No posting videos, images or links contain swearing, rude, gory, pornographic or inappropriate contents.
    • No inappropriate profile pictures.
    • Absolutely no talk about sex, rape, body parts etc.
  5. No rudeness or slandering
    • No swearing at other users.
    • No insulting other users.
    • No threatening other users.
    • No abusing or mocking other users involving their username.
    • No rude jokes against anyone, even if intended as a joke.
    • Saying "Just Kidding" or "No offense" doesn't make it not rude and punishment will still happen.
    • No telling lies against anyone without any proof or evidences.
  6. No harassing other users.
    • No personal attacking or threats.
    • No asking inappropriate, intimate questions.
    • No cyberdating or bullying.
    • Asking personal information repeatedly.
    • If someone won't answer a question, don't keep on asking it.
    • No distributing any personal information that you accidentally discovered.
    • Do not collect or store personal information about other users.
    • No harassing users into handing out personal information.
    • No using others' profile picture without their premission, unless for the default ones.
  7. No rank abuse.
    • No banning/blocking/kicking people for no reason. This includes for fun.
    • No demoting other users due to a personal dislike.
    • No threatening to demote/abuse.
    • No blocking someone for a non-offensive action such as bad grammars, uploading low quality images, etc.
    • Excuses for rank abuse will not be accepted.
  8. No edit warring.
    • No reverting an edit without stating a reason unless it is vandalism or revert valid edits.
    • No reverting an edit just because you dislike or disagree with the change.
    • Do not abuse rollback or admin rights.
    • More than 3 of the same revert in a day is considered an edit war.
  9. No spamming.
    • Do not make spam edits with the sole intent of increasing edit count or getting badges.
    • No spamming or flooding the chat.
    • No making spam articles, forum threads or blog posts.
    • No spamming in article or blog post comments.
  10. No causing drama.
    • No discussing topics that frequently start arguments, such as Religion, Politics, International Conflicts, Wars, Beliefs etc.
    • No restarting past drama that have been solved.
    • No abusing friends lists on your profile page.
    • Enemy lists are banned.
    • Absolutely no systems involving any form of rating of other users is allowed.
    • Do not bring the drama from other wiki into here.
    • No talking about user that cause drama.
    • No talking about drama or conflict from other wiki.
  11. Don't visit the wiki if on drugs.
    • Stay off the wiki if under the influence of any drug.
    • No visiting if legally drunk.
  12. No sockpuppet accounts or unacceptable username.
    • No abusing multiple accounts to get around a block, chat ban, or any other punishment, aka sockpuppeting. This includes using IP addresses.
    • Using multiple accounts to contribute on the wikia is fine.
    • No coming to the wiki with an unacceptable username. This rule applies for chat as well.
    • No creating inappropriate usernames intended to insults other users.
    • Breaking this rule will result a permanent block without any warnings.
  13. No advertising.
    • No advertising any other wikis.
    • Don't spam advertisements.
    • No advertising of a product, entity etc.
  14. No suppression.
    • Absolutely no using admin powers to suppress other people's opinions.
    • No deleting comments or blocking users because they have a different opinion to you.
    • No protecting pages without a reason to prevent users from editing out of your opinion unless it is spam or vandalism.
    • No banning other users for the purpose of continuously uploading poor quality images or bad grammar.


  • What should I do if a user is bullying me off this wiki? Report it to any of the admins. We highly recommended you to ignore instead if engaging them, even if they address or insult you.
  • Will these rules change? The rules may be changed anytime without warning, so check this rules regularly.
  • Will rule-breakers always be caught? You will never know when someone is noticing what are you doing across this site and will eventually find and report it to an admin. If the admin noticed you broke a rule, an action will be taken against you. So, please do not try to take advantage to break a rule when the admins are away. In this case does not mean that you will not be caught.
  • Someone broke a rule and no one did anything! If this is the case, likely the admins overlooked it. Bring it to the admin's attention and report it as soon as possible.
  • I broke a rule and got blocked. Are the admins going to hold a grudge on me? Once the block is done, the user is forgiven. However, they might keep a close eye on you.
  • Can people get permanently blocked? Yes. We only dish these out to users who are truly detrimental to this wiki such as repeatedly did the same mistakes after lots of blocks, vandalizing across the wiki and visiting the wiki with an unacceptable username.
  • Will I get blocked if I receive lots of chat bans? If you broke a rule on chat, it does not applies on main space unless for a sockpuppet or unacceptable username. However, you will eventually risk permanent ban from chat.
  • I am less than 13, are you going to block me? No admin on this Wikia should, but the Wikia staff might!
  • Do these rules apply to other wikis? No. Different wikis, different set of rules. You'll have to read their rules.
  • An admin is abusing his/her powers? What should I do? Report it to any of the bureaucrats. If you are blocked on this site by the admin, contact us on Community Central Wiki.

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