Welcome to the staff page! This is all the staff of Scrubby Dubby Saga Wikia. 


  • Roseturnip (Active): Rose, the founder of this wiki is here. I am currently working on updating the information on the page. If there are some missing information on the articles, feel free to contact me on my message wall. I will check my message as soon as possible.
  • DoCheonGong (Semi-Active)
  • Not real name (Active)


  • 3primetime3 (Inactive)
  • Flockky II (Active): The second chapter of Flockky begins... In this wiki, I'm trying my very best to perform various things which I am responsible with. If you have anything to say at me, feel free to message on my wall.
  • Fzs1904 (Inactive)
  • Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 (Semi-Active): Heylo, Owlaugh hear, Aye am Ah vehree rehspohnsihbal ueser who wants to help this wiki <--- lol wtf was I doing here?

Content moderator

Chat moderator

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