• You know Flockky, I have been waiting for you since February and you still haven't come back until now. And no, I'm not getting angry with you this time. I just want to make you alert about your inactivity. I do not want you to get demoted just because of your inactivity. An admin, Bp101697, even suggested to me to demote you for your inactivity if you broke your promise again. This time, I'm not demoting you, it might be somewhere on Jun and July. Every time when I saw you delayed your come back on your main page, it lends me to a depression. I'm not kidding at all, I am expressing my honest feeling about this. As you have previously stated that your official comeback is on today, I really trusted you with that this time, and now it turned out to be nothing. I am very disappointed with this long delay.

    Look, nobody do likes to wait for delays upon delays just because of one thing, and it just turns out to be nothing at the end. I really don't know which of your comeback will be really your real comeback. If you have stated your official comeback, please make sure that you can really comeback. Are you happy if you see someone is crying in depression or anger because of this? Of course nope. You're definitely busy IRL, but we have to learn to fullfill our comeback of what we have previously promised to be.

    I highly recommend you to minimize or even cancel your recent delay. This is the only safe way to avoid the demotion. It is still not too late here, before a misunderstanding between two of us happens. I really do not want this to happens at all, so please Flockky. Try to come back as soon as possible, I am begging you right now. Hope your considerate understanding. Thank you.

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    • Now I already received a message from a user on my wall complaining that there are more than 20 episodes in a row have undetermined difficulties because of your inactivity. Right now, I can't handle those level difficulties because I am quite busy for my exam and I won't be able to do it until 7 May. Even your GTCL, LDC and more are affected due to your long delay of your comeback. This is no good, you have been delayed your comback since 12 February, and now its already end of the April. I don't know if you do keep your promise about your comeback, so I don't want to blame you that you had broke your promise all over again. You better comeback on May before the risk of demotion and other bad happenings. 

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    • Please come back before I retire

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    • Now I have made up my final decision, and therefore I will not change my decision anymore. You will be given two chances left to delay your come back. If you delay something more than that, it will leads you to a demotion. I hope you will stop delaying or canceling your come back on wikia as many people pleased.

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    • A FANDOM user
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